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Search Process

What You Can Expect

We begin the process by listening and absorbing your culture and history so the people we attract will fit the chemistry of your company. We seek to understand the expectations and working relationships. We can make behavioral testing available.

We develop the search assignment based on our understanding of the duties, responsibilities, authority, compensation, benefits, etc. We want to know the top three or four reasons a superior candidate would want to work for your company.

We target the companies where your candidate is most likely to be found. We will pursue any specific candidates that you have in mind, or take a "hands-off" approach to others. We deploy additional research/recruiting staff and a transparent network of affiliate offices as needed.

We tell your story in order to attract the highest quality candidates. We interview and qualify them against the criteria you have helped us establish. Resumes for the best candidates will be presented to you for your consideration.

We will handle the responsibility of scheduling interviews, gathering feedback from you and the candidate, and conducting other reference/verification checks as you may require. We will assist you in moving forward on those candidates in whom you are interested and in professionally releasing those not selected for interviews.

We will support you in negotiating a compensation package that ensures mutual satisfaction. We will serve as an intermediary to help work out details which may have a significant bearing on acceptance of the offer. We can coordinate any necessary relocation process utilizing our national relocation service.

You can expect a relationship that is forthright, and which
supports you in bringing on board the "eagles" that your firm
requires for its growth and success.

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